GERU is the Ultimate Planning

New post from John Reese: LAST CALL:  Time Is Running Out! * Registration closes at Midnight PST. SHORTCUT TO THE LINKS: Complete Video Tour (only 20 minute video). Pilot Program Registration page (contains links to order). ———— We're down to the last stretch before I shutdown the "Pilot Program" and the HUGE 80% OFF discount.

This 1 Sugar actually Fights Disease

Anti-Aging news from Steve & Becky Holman: This 1 "Sugar" actually Fights Disease. Steve & Becky Holman wrote: "The longer we live the more we realize that food is medicine–it can heal us and make us healthier (or do the opposite), and this is a good example of a tasty healing food…Hippocrates (the father of

6 Cooking Oils to never eat

A new post from Steve & Becky Holman "6 Cooking Oils to never eat + the Best & Fast Fat-Burning Meals (anti-aging news)"   To your success, Ersin Söbütay Aufrufe: 366
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